Learning is More Effective When It’s Also FUN!


What we do

PHOTO SUMMER CAMP is for teens ages 13 to 18 and focuses on photography, fine art, and mixed media projects in a safe, interactive, project based, daily, week-long summer camp setting, taught by our very passionate, well-trained and qualified photography instructors and assistants. It is a one of a kind experience, where your child will learn the beautiful art of photography as well as many other skills for life like problem solving and critical thinking skills. The most fun they've ever had learning!

The week is designed to put your child in a comfortable driving seat with the support of trained and qualified instructors, while doing fun practical projects to learn the art of photography across different mediums. It is a very rewarding experience from beginning to end as the syllabus building blocks build up into concepts of art, photography, learning, leadership and self-confidence!

Because of the volume of requests we have received, we also offer adult workshops as well as carefully crafted and fully customized options for private groups upon request. Please contact us at learn@photosummercamp.com for more info on this.

Why we do it

Photography, design and instructing are our lifelong passions and what we do every day of our lives for many years! We want to share and contribute some of that wonderful fun knowledge with others. Photography is a vast subject matter and here at PhotoSummerCamp your child will learn the beauty of expressing themselves through a fun and creative art form that offers challenging technical skills to solve. Being more than an art, photography can be enjoyed as a hobby, but can also be a very fulfilling career for those who chose to pursue it. We accommodate all levels.

Summer is a time for fun, so we will be doing both indoor and outdoor activities; taking the studio outside and bringing the light inside. Some of the topics we cover are composition, camera equipment basics, levitation photography, studio photography, and on-site photography mixed media projects. These are all safe, creative and fulfilling projects that will blow your child's creativity out of the water




Our Method

Being a photographer is an art in itself, but because not every person aspires to be a photographer, our approach allows participants to also explore other creative mediums while integrating them with the use of photography. Your child will learn how to take a well lit and composed image, but also a vast range of art mediums that can be done with images such as digital artwork, self portraits, photo transfers, etc…

Creativity feeds our souls and make us better problem solvers in our everyday lives, so with the use of different teaching techniques, we challenge each participant to dig deeper into their creative space and create things they will be amazed by.